Energy Sector Construction

Implementation of construction projects within the program of the Russian energy sector modernisation is one of the strategic activities of STG Group. We believe that reliable and efficient functioning of electric power industry provides a basis for development of the Russian economy and is an important factor for comfortable living conditions.

Projects in the sector of energy construction are implemented primarily by PJSC Stroytransgaz. The highly qualified team of specialists with huge experience in the construction of power facilities in Russia and foreign countries, successful implementation of large-scale projects, considerable production capacities, full range of EPC services makes STG one of the leaders in energy construction.

STG Group provides construction services of any difficulty for both power generation and grid facilities.

Construction and reconstruction of power generation facilities

STG Group successfully implements projects for construction and reconstruction of nuclear and thermal power plants, associated industrial and public facilities. In 2007, STG started its first projects: construction of the Unit 4 of the Kalinin nuclear power plant and Yugo-Zapadnaya cogeneration plant in St Petersburg, the most advanced and largest power plant of Russia at that time. Later the list of power engineering projects was extended with the construction of the Yuznaya TEC in St Petersburg, and TEC-27. The implemented projects in the field of nuclear power included activities at Rostov and Novovoronezh nuclear power plants.

Construction of power grid facilities

By implementing a number of large-scale projects in Central and Siberian Federal Districts, STG proved itself to be an efficient contractor in the market of construction of power grid facilities. Its first large-scale project in Russia was the construction of power transmission facilities of Kalinin nuclear power plant (Unit 4) for Federal Grid Company of the Unified Power System of Russia. STG completed all works in short terms and with high quality.



Sergey Sobyanin opened the Medvedevskaya Substation constructed by STG


STG is installing power equipment at Medvedevskaya Substation


STG revamped Molodezhnaya Substation

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