1 October 2015

Stroytransgaz welded more than a half of the gas pipeline in Macedonia


More than half of the welding is done in the section “Klechovtse – Block Valve Station VS 5” of the gas pipeline in Macedonia.

Specialists of PJSC Stroytransgaz welded 46 of 61 km of pipes in the section “Klechovtse – Block Valve Station VS 5” of the gas pipeline “Klechovtse – Negotino” in the Republic of Macedonia. At this date, we have excavated 23 km of the gas pipeline trench and laid 14 km of pipes. Vyksa Steel Works has already provided the required amount of pipes.

Detailed engineering and survey operations are being carried out now to ensure trenching. In addition to the pipeline the project envisages the construction of 22 crossings over highway and water obstacles. Currently, we are continuing the preparation for the construction of the crossing over the Bregalnica River. 190 people, 35 units of construction equipment and 50 units of other special equipment are deployed on the site.

The project is 1,5 months ahead of schedule due to the use of semi-automatic and automatic welding which ensure high quality joints. This type of welding is used for the first time in Macedonia for the construction of the gas pipeline. At this rate, the last welding seam of the pipeline is expected in January 2016.

Supplementary information:

PJSC Stroytransgaz signed an agreement for the construction of “turnkey” section of the main gas pipeline “Klechovtse – Block Valve Station VS 5” in the framework of an intergovernmental agreement between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Macedonia on the settlement of obligations of the former USSR to the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. This section will be the first and one of the key elements of the future gas pipeline system of the Republic of Macedonia and it will resolve the issue of gasification of the eastern part of the country. The project will allow increasing the consumption of fuel from Russia more than twofold – up to 300 million cubic meters of gas per year. This project is of great importance for socio-economic development of Macedonia and for managing its energy and environmental challenges.

The total length of the gas pipeline “Klechovtse-Negotino” will be 96.6 km, and the section “Klechovtse – Block Valve Station VS 5”, which is being constructed by PJSC Stroytransgaz, will amount to 61 km. Welding the first joint of the gas pipeline took place on March 14, 2015. In accordance with the agreement, the works are scheduled for completion on June 19, 2016.

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1 August 2016

JSC Stroytransgaz has completed the construction of a gas pipeline in Macedonia

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