24 January 2019

M. Khryapov Discussed Construction of Bagaevsky Hydroelectric Complex at Meeting in Rostov Region


During a working meeting in Rostov region Mikhail Khryapov, Genral Director of Stroytransgaz JSC, has discussed issues related to implementation of the Bagaevsky Hydroelectric Complex project. The meeting was also attended by Yuriy Tsvetkov, Head of the Federal Agency for Marine and River Transport, Andrey Ivanov, Minister of Transport of Rostov Region, Sergey Gaidayev, Head of the Azov-Don Basin Administration.

Before the meeting, the participants inspected the construction site from the helicopter. They have studied works in progress, specifically: arrangement of depositing sites of production facilities for technical and auxiliary purposes, removal of the fertile layer from the construction base and berth sites, installation of a temporary power line designed to power the construction of main phase facilities, preparatory works for construction of the berth.

Mikhail Khryapov reported on the completion status of the constructed facility, difficulties arising during the period of intensive ice formation, have negatively impact on pace of works, existing risks for meeting the work schedule of the first phase and measures planned by the contractor to minimize them before the next navigation starts.  Sergey Gaidayev spoke about measures taken to implement the project in general, the process of final land allocation, as well as about main factors that may affect the timing of construction of the preparatory phase facilities of the Bagaevsky Hydroelectric Complex.

After having discussed all reports, Yuri Tsvetkov set the task to unconditionally perform works of the first stage required to ensure successful start and implementation of navigation in 2019 in full compliance with all legal requirements and environmental regulations.

As a result of the meeting, a list of all activities required was agreed upon, as well as the procedure to promptly respond to emerging issues. On the same day, a working meeting between Mikhail Khryapov, Yuri Tsvetkov and Vasily Golubev, the Governor, took place at the Rostov Regional Administration.

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