25 February 2019

Carriageway Slab Section of Frunze Bridge Span Structure Has Been Concreted


Stroytransgaz JSC have concreted the carriageway slab section between pillars 1 and 2 of the Samara river bridge span structure*. The job required 324 m³ of concrete.

The builders erected a special temporary enclosure to concrete this section. 15 heat generators deployed under the slab formwork maintain proper environment for the concrete to harden and develop its strength. The double layer of engineered materials creates the “thermos effect”. The future carriageway foundation will develop its strength in one month. The builders plan to begin concreting the final carriageway slab section (between pillars 2 and 7) this spring.

Simultaneously, other bridge crossing facilities are under construction, including the transport junctions in Frunze street, Shosseynaya street and the main motorway route. Strengthening of earth roadbed fill slopes along the main motorway route, arrangement of utility networks and lines, strengthening of exits’ slopes with reinforced concrete slabs, and other activities are underway.

300 people are working at the site by two shifts using 58 items of machinery.

*included in the complex of Frunze bridge crossing facilities 

Project Info

The Frunze bridge crossing construction project includes the construction of a six-lane composite-girder bridge across the Samara River (667 m long with a 22 m wide carriageway), a reinforced concrete bridge over the boggy Bannoye Lake (79.6 m long), a transport junction and overpass over the main route motorway on Shosseynaya Street (70.7 m long), a transport junction and five cast-in-situ reinforced concrete retaining walls on Frunze street, and the construction of the main motorway route. The new motorway will be 2.67 km long. The bridge crossing will connect Samara and Kuybyshev districts and ensure the flow of traffic towards M-32 and M-5 federal highways. 

So far, the bridge over the Bannoye Lake has been built, all the 8 pillars and the span of the Samara River bridge have been erected, along with the C-3 exit overpass over the Shosseynaya junction’s main motorway. Other facilities of the bridge crossing on both river banks are also under construction. The work is carried out in line with the approved schedule.

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