11 July 2019

STG JSC Was Licensed for Land Surveying

Stroytransgaz JSC was licensed for land surveying by Rostechnadzor. Based on the exhibit to the license, STG JSC can perform the following works:

  • spatial and geometric measurements of mining and underground structures, definition of their parameters, location and compliance with design documentation;
  • monitoring the state of mining allotments and justification of their limits;
  • maintenance of mining graphic documentation;
  • accounting and justification of mining volumes;
  • identification of hazardous areas for mining, as well as determination of measures to protect mines, buildings, structures and natural objects against effects of works related to use of subsurface resources; engineering design of land surveying.

The license opens up the possibility for the Company to construct underground structures and facilities (metro facilities, road tunnels, etc.), as Contractors for such facilities are subject to special stringent requirements, one of which is surveying support for quality control of construction and installation works and surveying support for safe performance of such works.

Land surveying support for safe performance of works includes the following:

  • staking and fixing limits of hazardous underground works;
  • instrumental observations of the processes of rocks and land surface displacement, deformation of workings, as well as buildings and structures on the surface;
  • control over observance of design documentation requirements for timely and efficient implementation of measures to ensure safety of underground works, protection of natural environment, buildings and structures against negative impact of such works.

Geodetic and surveying support of construction and installation works during construction of underground structures includes the following:

  • ensuring control over observance of dimensions and tolerances of actual sizes of prefabricated and monolithic tunnel lining with respect to design position;
  • ensuring control over the accuracy of geometrical parameters of structures, which is an integral part of production quality control;
  • ensuring precise mating of all structural elements and underground transport nodes;
  • support of tunnel-boring works.

Land surveying works are associated with high risks, therefore, only companies that have passed the licensing procedure are entitled to perform such activities. Rostechnadzor issues the licenses and controls fulfilment of license requirements. The license is lifetime.

The land surveying service is involved at the surveying stage. As a result the Company will obtain:

  • reliable assessment of the terrain model;
  • detailed study of the geological structure, including topographic, engineering geological, hydrogeological conditions for works;
  • the model of engineering and geological surveys (strength and deformation characteristics of soil, groundwater level and chemical composition, assessment of groundwater and soil corrosiveness relative to materials used during underground works).
  • Obtaining the license involves more responsibility in future. To ensure smooth passage of certification audits by Rostechnadzor, the following is planned in the near future:
  • to carry out additional training and certification of STG employees in terms of industrial safety in the field of land surveying to ensure safe operations;
  • to complete certification of the Qualification Commission established in the Company to facilitate qualification of the Company's specialists and to ensure prompt involvement in the implementation of projects in terms of survey work safety.