22 July 2019

Construction of Two Overground Pedestrian Crossings Launched on Tupoleva Street


Construction of two overground pedestrian crossings has been launched as part of the Tupoleva Street renovation project in Zhukovsky – at the beginning of the Tupoleva Street and near the Gromova Square.

The pillars are currently being erected. The Tupoleva Street renovation project provides for the construction of five new overground pedestrian crossings of this kind. They are scheduled to be completed in the second quarter of 2020.

In addition, the utility systems falling within the scope of works under the Renovation of the Road in Zhukovsky – the Tupoleva Street project (cable lines, communication lines, gas pipeline) are being relocated.

The tunnelling operations under the Gromova Square are supposed to be launched in August.

In the 4th quarter of 2021, a two-level interchange with a 712-metre tunnel will be completed and commissioned on the Gromova Square.

Construction of a passage for a gas pipeline by HDD (horizontal directional drilling)

Project Info

The project comprises a reconstructed 2.7km section from the road junction at the intersection of the Tupoleva Street and the Tupolevskoye Highway up to the bridge across the Khripan River.

In the course of project execution, a two-level interchange, five overground pedestrian crossings, and a 713m four-lane tunnel near the Gromova Square, including a 280m closed section, will be built. The existing bus stops on the Gromova Square will be remodelled. Upon completion of main works, the surrounding area will be subjected to landscaping and site improvement, in particular, conifers and shrubs will be planted.

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