4 April 2018

The Volgograd Stadium Has Been Commissioned

On April, 3 the permit was obtained for commissioning of the Volgograd Arena Stadium which will host the FIFA World Cup matches this summer.

“The new arena built instead of old stadium belonging to Rotor football club will be handed over to Volgograd football team when the main world football tournament is over. By multiple demands from Rotor fans the club’s conventional colours prevail in the arena palette. The facility is considered unique for its cable-strayed roof while the facade has got a number of embedded elements bringing to mind festive fireworks,” - said Pavel Kolobkov, the Minister of Sports.

In the nearest future, three test matches will be held on the arena - on April, 21 Rotor-Volgograd and Luch-Energiya (Vladivostok) will meet at the new stadium under the 34-th tour of the National Football League (FNL). On May, 2 Rotor-Volgograd will play with “Krilya Sovetov (Samara) in a match of the 36-th FNL tour. And on May, 9 the Russian Football Cup Final will take place on the Volgograd Arena.

During the 2018 FIFA World Cup teams from Tunisia and England, Nigeria and Iceland, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, Japan and Poland will compete at the 45-thousand stadium.

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