Republic of Macedonia  / Skopje

Construction of the section "Klechovce - VS 5 Block Valve Station" of the gas pipeline "Klechovce - Negotino" in Macedonia

Customer:  JSC Macedonian Power Resources
Constractor:   JSC Stroytransgaz
Period:  2014-2016

The project for construction of the section "Klechovce - VS 5 block valve station" of "Klechovce-Negotino" gas pipeline in Macedonia is implemented to secure the repayment of the clearing debt of the former USSR towards the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Russia and Macedonia signed the corresponding inter-governmental agreement on June 19, 2010. The contract for the construction of the gas pipeline was signed between PJSC Stroytransgaz and JSC Macedonian Power Resources (Client under the project) on July 9, 2014.

The gas pipeline "Klechovce-Negotino" will be part of the general gas transportation system of the Republic of Macedonia, the construction of which is essential for successful social and economic development of the country, building up its energy potential, addressing its environmental and other issues.

Under the project, STG will construct a gas pipeline section with the length of 61 km, diameter of 508 mm. The total length of the gas pipeline "Klechovce - Negotino" will amount to 96 km. STG has its branch office in Macedonia for the implementation of the project.

Under the project, STG will perform the following works:

  • field engineering;
  • supply of technological equipment and materials;
  • construction of the main pipeline running from 0 up to 61 km of the section "Klechovce - VS 5 block valve station", including the linear part, 7 block valve stations, treatment facilities startup unit;
  • construction of the cathodic protection system (3 units);
  • HDPE tube installation for the optic fiber cable .

The project was completed in June 2016.

$75.7 mln

project cost

61 km

gas pipeline length

508 mm

gas pipeline diameter

300 000 m³

of gas/day bandwidth

Project news

1 August 2016

JSC Stroytransgaz has completed the construction of a gas pipeline in Macedonia

1 October 2015

Stroytransgaz welded more than a half of the gas pipeline in Macedonia

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