Oil and Gas Construction

STG is one of the largest international contractors in the field of oil and gas construction.  The company has successfully implemented a number of projects in Russia and foreign countries, including Algeria, Belarus, Greece, Czech Republic, Turkmenistan, India, Iraq, Iran, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Syria, Sudan, Turkey, and Finland. In 2007, STG became the first Russian contractor to enter the market of Saudi Arabia.

Construction of Site Facilities

Currently the construction of oil and gas site facilities in Russia is carried out by STGM LLC integrated in STG Group. STGM successfully implements field development projects (including the Vankor Field, one of the largest field in the world), construction and reconstruction of oil and gas refinery plants and ice-resistant platforms for oil transportation.

Construction of Oil and Gas Pipelines

Construction of gas pipelines and gas compressor station was the very beginning of STG Group history. STG took part in all significant pipeline projects in Russian, i.e. construction of the Yamal-Europe natural gas pipeline, Blue Stream, gasification of the Russian regions, construction of the Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean oil pipeline and Baltic Pipeline System, etc. In total STG has built over 10000 km of pipelines, 4-56” in diameter and over 3800 km of gas distribution networks. 



In 2016 STG obtained Final Acceptance Certificates for facilities in UAE and Greece


JSC Stroytransgaz has completed the construction of a gas pipeline in Macedonia


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