STG Group is one of the largest construction holdings in Russia. For more than thirty years STG has been conducting construction projects in Russia and worldwide.

A considerable experience and competence make it possible for STG to fulfill any activities from initial design to warranty maintenance with due quality and in due time using the most advanced technologies.


STG performs the following activities in the field of engineering:

  • Design: project management, development of conceptual design, feasibility study, basic and detail design, as built documentation, and field engineering;
  • Survey: geoinformation systems, topographic survey, geological studies, electrical measurement of soil parameters;
  • Engineering support: consulting, technical assessment, technical assumptions, cost estimation, supervision for compliance with the applicable requirements.

Projects: Yugo-Zapadnaya power plant, offshore ice-resistant platform LSP-1 on the Korchagin oil and gas field, gasification facilities in Belarus, Irkutsk Region, Samara Region, power distribution facilities of the Kalinin nuclear power plant (unit 4), Gazelle gas pipeline (Czech Republic), Sheiba-Abqaiq oil pipeline (Saudi Arabia), gas processing plant -1 (Syria), East-West gas pipeline (India).


STG Group has considerable experience in the field of procurement, particularly in the delivery of process equipment for Russian and international projects.

STG activity is based not only on its obligations to supply the up-to-date equipment in due time but also on establishment and further development of long-term partnership with the leading equipment suppliers.

In 2013, STG entered into the strategic agreements on technical and commercial cooperation with Siemens Ltd. in the field of procurement of electric equipment and services for construction and overhaul of power grid facilities, as well as electric power generation facilities in Russia.

Cooperation with the leading Russian manufacturers is actively encouraged as well. In 2013, STG singed memorandum of partnership with St Petersburg Electromechanical Plant when implementing the projects of fuel and energy sector.


STG Group has implemented over 200 projects in 20 countries for a period of 30 years.

Within the period STG has built over 13000 km of pipelines nearly 4000 km of gas distribution networks and 50 gas compressor stations, reconstructed 19 gas compressor stations, developed 40 oil and gas fields.

In the field of power transmission STG has constructed over 1500 km of overhead lines and substations for Unified Power System of Russia with total transformer capacity of 9000 MVA.

In power generation STG has been involved in construction of five nuclear and power plants with total output of 3105 MW.

The current priority of STG Group is to increase its competence in oil and gas, energy, industrial, civil and transport infrastructure construction, as well as to develop a new activity related to industrial ecology.

Project Management

Acting as a general contractor, STG Group is involved not only in engineering process, delivery of products and materials, construction of facilities, but also in integrated project management. For this purpose, STG accumulates the best world practices and uses the most advance technologies in project management.

In particular, the best solutions are obtained by STG under the memorandum of partnership with Atomenergoproekt and Vedeneev Russian National Hydraulic Engineering Research Institute (integrated in RusHydro) signed in 2012. The memorandum provides for set-up of joint centre of project management competences, a platform for exchange of knowledge and best practices in this field.