Video of the construction of the Bagaevsky hydroelectric complex (October 2022)

Video of the construction of the Bagaevsky hydroelectric complex (October 2022)

Stroytransgaz Group proceeds with the construction of the most important transport infrastructure project – the Bagaevsky hydroelectric complex. The project will eliminate the loss of the fleet's carrying capacity and ensure safe navigation on the Lower Don as a waterway of international importance, and will create a modern and efficient transport infrastructure.

Enclosure against flooding is being build at Arpachinsky island, to excavate a foundation pit for the shipping lock and spillway dam of the hydroelectric complex. To date, the hard coating of the tail race cofferdam is completed. The cut-off wall is completed by 65%. 1506 welded pipe piles were driven to achieve that. The sheet piling will also act as a retaining wall to prevent the pit walls against collapsing. Work on the soil and vegetation layer removal is in progress on the island.

The construction of a fish bypass and spawning channel (RNK) intended for passage of various fish species and for spawning in artificial spawning grounds is proceeding at a high pace. Backfilling of the barrier dam of the fish bypass and spawning channel to the design level, which is almost 9 metres, has been completed. The cofferdam of the RNK main head regulator pit has been completed, as well as the inner ramps and driveways. Section 2 of the spawning ground, composed of six sections, is 100% complete.


The workers’ settlement with housing capacity for 1500 people is 85% complete. In total, there are three dormitories for shift workers on the camp territory (with two of them already in use), and one for engineering staff. The canteen is at the pre-commissioning stage.


Start-up and commissioning operations are being carried out at the first concrete plant, and foundation is being laid for the second plant. Two gantry cranes have been commissioned at the construction site and prepared for registration with Rostekhnadzor. For efficient material handling by cranes, the length of the crane runway has been increased.


For reference:

Cofferdam is a temporary water-retaining structure. At the BHC it is arranged in the areas of the head race and the tail race.

Race is an area where the water surface adjoins the hydraulic structure. The head race is upstream the river, the tail race is downstream.

Project background:

The Bagayevsky Hydroelectric Complex is the most important infrastructure project not only for the Rostov region, but also for the whole country. The hydroelectric complex under construction will be composed of a shipping lock with a central control room, upper and lower approach channels with mooring-guiding structures, a spillway and earth fill dam, a meandering fish bypass and spawning channel and a fish passage lock, industrial, service, engineering and auxiliary facilities, and housing for operating personnel. To ensure the navigation safety, channel-regulating dams are being constructed, as well as shore protection dams that will prevent the development of bank erosion processes (washout and collapse), protect from the impact of ship waves and reduce the negative impact of waters on the population living in these areas. In order to ensure guaranteed waterway dimensions (depth – 4 m, width – 80 m, bending radius – 500 m) in the section from the Kochetovsky Hydroelectric Complex site at km 3004.5 of the waterway of the Integrated Deep Water System (IDWS) to the Bagaevsky Hydroelectric Complex site at km 3089 of the IDWS waterway, dredging and river cut-off are envisaged.