Stroytransgaz has repaired the bridge across the Detrin River in Magadan region

Stroytransgaz has repaired the bridge across the Detrin River in Magadan region

The regional Ministry of Road Facilities and Transport of Magadan Territory announced the completion of the permanent bridge across the Detrin River. The bridge was repaired within the Safe Quality Roads National Project initiated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The bridge was overhauled in Kolyma area on the Palatka-Kulu-Nexican public road. Almost 180 linear meters of road surface have been repaired on the bridge across the Detrin River.

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The employees of Stroytransgaz JSC performed the work of concreting the roadway, installing coil waterproofer of the roadway, painting supports and steel elements. Furthermore, embankment cones, expansion joints, waterproofer of superstructures, approaches to the bridge were restored, and fences were replaced. In addition to the above, the builders made lighting of the bridge and installated the safety fence. Due to changes in the Detrin River bed, the approach cones were enforced additionally in order to protect against erosion.

The bridge was put into operation in September of this year, and the contract was completed in October.

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“Due to the weather conditions of the Magadan Territory, construction may be carried out during the short period from March to October. But it is not always possible to work even in summer due to floods. Therefore, it was important for us to complete the repair before the hard frost,Maxim Shmorin, Head of the Artificial Structures Construction Management Group at Stroytransgaz JSC, said. “The expertise of STG experts made it possible to complete the work not only before the cold weather, but also ahead of the contract deadline which envisaged that the bridge repair completion date would be in 2024.”

There are no railways in the region, so cars is the main mode of freight and passenger transportation within the region. Improving the transport infrastructure ensures reliable transport links of settlements with regional and local roads.