Refurbishment of the bridge over the Mescherikha River in Lobnya has been completed

Refurbishment of the bridge over the Mescherikha River in Lobnya has been completed

Left side of the bridge over the Mescherikha River

On October 29, traffic was launched on the left side of the bridge across the Mescherikha River along the “Lobnya – Sheremetyevo Airport” highway. Now the traffic in the artificial structure is completely restored. The work is being performed by Stroytransgaz Group.

The builders have completed the overhaul of the bridge across the Mescherikha River. Last weekend, the traffic was launched on its renovated left side. To avoid the complete bridge blocking, the work was arranged as follows: the right half of the old bridge part was dismantled and a new one was erected, whereupon the similar work was done on the left half.

The old bridge consisted of two culverts, but the new one stands on two pillars and ensures unobstructed flow of water. Such a structure will facilitate further maintenance of the artificial structure. Construction was carried out in difficult, cramped conditions. Work performance areas fall within the protective zone of ground and underground utilities.

The new bridge is 25 meters long and has two traffic lanes in each direction. The bridge is designed for traffic intensity of 70 thousand vehicles per day, the roadway is made of 2 layers of asphalt pavement, where the top layer is SMA-20. This mixture is adapted to the road’s actual transport and operational characteristics and to climatic conditions of the work site. The mixture has rutting resistance and increased crack resistance.

In addition, on October 29, the superstructure of pedestrian overpass No. 3, located near the village of Nosovo, was installed. The work was carried out at night so as not to interfere with the traffic. Installation of elevators will start in the nearest future. In mid-October, similar work on installation of superstructure was carried out at crossing No. 4 near Terminal B at Sheremetyevo Airport.


Installation of the pedestrian overpass superstructure

In total, 4 elevated pedestrian overpasses will be built at the improvement site as part of the project to ensure the traffic safety. Along its entire length, the Lobnenskoye highway will be fitted with lighting, sidewalks, 6 public transport stops and noise barriers 6 metres high.

Road reconstruction is also underway: soil excavation 47,608 out of 67,979.00 cu.m, roadbed filling 22,727 out of 33,032.00 cu.m, laid 47,403 out of 79,759.00 sq.m of stone packing, and 23,080 out of 73,219.00 sq.m of asphalt pavement. Overall construction progress of the road improvement project is 55%.

About 193 personnel and 45 units of machinery are engaged at the construction site on a daily basis.

The Lobnya–Sheremetyevo Airport highway section improvement project is being implemented as part of the action plan aimed at developing the road network and improving transport accessibility between Lobnya urban district and the neighbouring districts in the view of a significant growth in urban development across the residential and industrial areas. The project was commissioned by the Road Construction Office of the Moscow Region.

The section under improvement is 2.2 km along the main route of the Lobnenskoye highway, 3.7 km along side roads and exit roads, and 0.9 km along Sheremetyevskaya Street. The project envisages increase of the number of traffic lanes from 3 to 7. Upon completion of the project, the average speed of traffic will be about 80 km/h on the main road and 50 km/h on side roads, whereas vehicle travel time will be reduced to 10–15 minutes. The project is scheduled for completion in 2022.