City Residents Visit Museum Complex Construction Site for the First Time

City Residents Visit Museum Complex Construction Site for the First Time

Veterans on the 2nd floor of the museum section

A delegation of Vladivostok City residents visited the construction sites of the grand Culture and Education Complex for the first time. The event was attended by veteran workers of industrial and transportation companies, the Chairman of Vladivostok Duma Andrey Brik, and the Veteran Council Secretary Yelena Globa.

At the Orlinoye Gnezdo Hill, the delegation observed the construction of cast-in-place structures of the future Museum, Theatre and Education Complex.


Orlinoye Gnezdo Hill construction site

“The facility is growing by the minute. The building has become 5 metres higher over the past two weeks, and now is 35 metres from the ground level. The museum building is the highest one. It is clearly visible from the road on the bridge. And if you look at the facility from the side of Krasoty Avenue, you can see the ongoing work on completion of the sloped slab going from the building’s base up to the roof. Its total length will be 145 m. It is going to be a fully accessible staircase-shaped roofing for pedestrian walks”, explained Nikolay Volkhin, a superintendent from Stroytransgaz-Vostok.    


STG-Vostok Area Superintendent Nikolay Volkhin

The second construction site is on the Island Russky. Prior to handover of the facilities of the Higher Musical School and the Choreography Academy of the Culture and Education Complex, the city’s residents could see for themselves the rooms where children will be studying, and learn about the specifics of the construction project.

“The goal of this massive project is to provide residents of Vladivostok and the entire Far East region with the access to the enormous historical and cultural heritage of our country, to provide the necessary infrastructure to those who will study and work here, and to make the city more attractive for tourists”, Andrey Brik, Chairman of Vladivostok Duma, emphasized.


Chairman of Vladivostok Duma Andrey Brik on the Island Russky

Andrey Brik also noted that establishment of this complex will certainly give the Far East youth an additional opportunity to receive education in the field of arts and culture, and create new jobs.

At the end of the visit, the residents thanked the builders for their professionalism and diligence. They also wished the builders to complete the project on schedule and achieve top quality, as the project is very important for Vladivostok.


Group photo of the visitors in the school hallway

Several Culture and Education Complexes are under construction in Vladivostok, Kemerovo, Sevastopol, and Kaliningrad as per the order of Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation. They include the branches of the Bolshoi and the Mariinsky Theatres, the Russian Museum and the Tretyakov Gallery, concert halls, museum and exhibition spaces, as well as branches of leading higher eduction institutions for arts.