Master Classes for Journalists Organized by STG-Sibir and the Kemerovo Branch of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography

Master Classes for Journalists Organized by STG-Sibir and the Kemerovo Branch of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography

The event hosted by Inga Puzyryova, Director of the Kemerovo Branch of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography

Being a socially responsible company, STG Group is actively implementing cultural and educational programs often featuring the company’s partners and residents of Culture and Education Complexes. As part of this work, Kemerovo journalists and bloggers visited the Kemerovo Branch of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography. School students — young journalists and bloggers — took part in the visit along with the professionals.

The meeting was held as part of the project by Stroytransgaz-Sibir and Chetvyortoe Izmerenie (The Fourth Dimension), which aims to attract the attention of media and high school students to cultural institutions and events in the Kuzbass region capital, and the residents of the Siberian Culture and Education Complex.

“Here in Kuzbass we create the best conditions for high-quality professional training of talented children and youth. It’s they who will create new cultural wealth for the region. The Siberian Culture and Education Complex is being built in line with the best modern standards. It will become a highly important cultural and social facility for the entire country”the Kuzbass Region Governor Sergey Tsivilyov says with certainty.


During a lesson

Inga Puzyryova, the Branch director, took the guests on a tour, where they visited lessons of classical dancing for young ballet talents, had a shot at practice with a ballet bar, tried on ballet shoes, visited the costume and make-up departments, learned about the creation of ballet music and its ‘recording’ for use in ballet classes, and were shown the unique stage of the Branch’s Practice Theatre.

Valery Kachin, the Chairman of the Kuzbass Journalist Union, formally announced the launch of the eponymous contest for young journalists and bloggers, where the prizes came courtesy of the Branch and Stroytransgaz-Sibir.


The most daring tried to do exercises at the ballet bar

Yelena Filonova, the Head of the Mediapokolenie Practical Journalism School (Kuzbass Centre for Supplementary Education), noted that such events help the youth to broaden their perspective and make another step on the path to their future profession:

To write about their peers is always interesting and useful for young people’, says Yelena Dmitrievna. ‘And to visit such a unique institution is a very pleasant opportunity, for which we are very grateful to the organizers.’

‘My friends and I liked the tour a lot! Turns out ballet is not just amazingly beautiful, it is also incredibly hard work. I am planning to take part in the contest and prepare a story on my peers who have already chosen their future paths’, said Sophia Stroganova, a young journalist participating in the tour.


Moscow State Academy of Choreography students after the performance

‘When I was travelling to the event, I had no idea of what it was going to be. But witnessing these lessons made me feel like a child again. I have three years of training in choreography, and this tour vividly reminded me of that atmosphere of ballet, dancing and arts. I am simply overwhelmed with emotions this tour brought me. I was looking at these girls, excited before going on stage, and felt the same excitement as if I were their age again. I am very happy to have been at this event. And I very much hope it is not the last one. Thank you all for giving me the chance to revisit my childhood’, says the Head of the Karyera Media Centre Lidia Parfyonova.


Group photo to remember the visit by

Meeting with other residents of the Complex awaits!

The tour organizers: Stroytransgaz-Sibir (the developer of the Siberian Culture and Education Complex site), Kemerovo Branch of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography, Kuzbass Journalist Union.

Project partner — the Department of Information Policy of Kuzbass Government Administration.