Video Overview of the Kemerovo Cultural and Educational Complex Construction (May 2022)

Video Overview of the Kemerovo Cultural and Educational Complex Construction (May 2022)

Construction of the Siberian Cultural and Educational Complex continues in Kemerovo. Watch a new video from the ground.

The construction site of the cultural and educational complex in Kemerovo was visited by representatives of the Russian Museum branch. Concreting formworks are being assembled and concrete is being received to cast in-situ structures of the building frame on the first floor at the museum complex site. The readiness of the construction phase for monolithic structures is 42%. “I’m watching with great excitement how the facility is changing. Even last year, there was only a bare field on the site of the future complex, and today I already see the outlines of the Mariinsky Theatre, Russian Museum, and Kuzbass Centre of the Arts, which I had previously seen only on paper. It looks like magic,” said Elena Yurievna Mitrofanova, Director of the Russian Museum Branch.

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The construction progress of the Higher School of Music and Dramatic Arts (a branch of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts) is especially exciting for future applicants: an active advertising campaign of the University has already started. The facility has reached a high completion level – 74%. Work on the assembly of stained glass structures is being completed. Facade cassettes are being installed. Internal finishing work is underway, the installation of prefabricated partitions is 90% complete. Finishing work has begun (ceilings are being painted). Installation of internal utility systems continues. We have begun preparatory work on the territory improvement: layout development and preparation of the base for the road surface are being carried out.

The improvement work is also underway on the territory of the hostel for students of the Higher School of Music and Dramatic Arts: fencing for sports grounds and exercise equipment are being installed, foundation for pouring the rubber coating has been completed.

The general completion status of the facility is 94%.

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The installation of facade cassettes is being completed, fine finishing of the premises, installation of internal utility networks and systems are underway in a multi-apartment residential building for teachers of the educational complex. Building construction is 86% complete.

At the construction site of the Museum Depository, work is underway to install internal utility networks, rough finishing work has been completed: the premises have been prepared for finishing. The installation of facade cassettes continues, and the installation of fencing along the territory perimeter has begun. The overall completion status of the facility is 84%.

A production system is being implemented, line managers are being trained, work of contractors is being supervised in terms of compliance with work schedules and identification of problems in production at all facilities of the complex. The main objective of the implementation is to reduce all types of losses, increase the pace of work, and increase productivity.

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The project for construction of four cultural complexes in this country (Vladivostok, Kemerovo, Sevastopol, and Kaliningrad) is being implemented by Stroytransgaz Group commissioned by the National Cultural Heritage Foundation for Social and Cultural Projects (The founders of the Foundation: Mariinsky Theatre, State Hermitage Museum, Tretyakov Gallery, Bolshoi Theatre).

The museum and theatre complex was initially
designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au (Austria) and adapted to Russian conditions and
standards by GORKA Group, a Russian designer.