The First Large-Scale Concreting of the Bolshoi Theatre Branch Foundation

The First Large-Scale Concreting of the Bolshoi Theatre Branch Foundation

1,200 cubic meters of concrete were laid into the foundation of the building at the Bolshoi Theatre branch site. The work was carried out continuously by two concrete pumps for 18 hours.

For such a large-scale concreting, a thorough preparatory work was performed within a month to reinforce the foundation slab and install the concreting formwork. The concrete bed necessary for the trouble-free and high-quality laying of the structure foundation, stability and long-term operation of the facility has been completed under the foundation of the future theatre.

Due to high groundwater, waterproofing was laid between the concrete bed and the foundation slab. In addition, before pouring the solution, a rigid frame of reinforcement was built. Such foundation technology is used for construction in the soft aqueous soil. Thus, it provides an unprecedented reliability and strength of the building foundation.

According to the project, the volume of the entire theatre foundation frame is 13,700 cubic meters.

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At the same time, heavy-duty bored piles are being installed. 5 bored pile rigs are used in the process. Pile foundation is 60% complete. 375 out of 582 bored piles have been installed. 14,200 cubic meters of concrete and more than 2,000 tons of rebars were used to install bored piles.

The nearest construction plans include the completion of pile installation and an even larger concrete laying of the foundation slab, about 1,500 cubic meters.

The architectural concept provides that the theatre building shaped as a hyperbolic paraboloid will have three zones, public spaces, a stage complex and office premises. The large hall will have 950 seats and there will be 300 seats in the small one. They intend to make a functional roof; it can be another stage for performances on warm days.

The design of the future branch of the Bolshoi Theatre in Kaliningrad was developed by the Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta and the Russian designer GORKA Group is responsible for adapting it to Russian conditions and standards.

The cultural and educational complex in Kaliningrad on the Oktyabrsky Island is being constructed by decision of Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. The entire project owner is the Non-Profit Organization – the National Cultural Heritage Foundation for Social and Cultural Projects. The project is being implemented by one of the largest construction companies in Russia – Stroytransgaz Group.