Video Overview of the Vladivostok Culture and Education Complex Construction (June 2022)

Video Overview of the Vladivostok Culture and Education Complex Construction (June 2022)

Every day, the objects of the first stage of the Culture and Education Complex on Russky Island are getting closer and closer to being put into operation – in the educational area, the final finishing is in full swing, being almost completed in two buildings. Fresh grass has been sown on the territory of the future campus, landscaping is on the go – soon specialists will start planting trees and shrubs. Meanwhile, on the second site of the Primorsky Culture and Education Cluster, vertical structures are being actively erected, with a set of measures being prepared to speed up the construction process.

In total, almost 1,600 personnel and 44 pieces of equipment work at two sites of Stroytransgaz-Vostok: cranes, loaders, excavators, dump trucks, tractors, rollers, and so on. Most of them are located at the construction site on Russky Island where the construction of cultural and educational facilities is gradually coming to an end.

The base scope of work on the arrangement of facades has been completed, fine finishing work is underway in the educational buildings, and this process is close to completion in the buildings of the Choreographic Academy and the Educational Centre.


In total, by mid-June, STG-Vostok workers had plastered about 80,000 square metres of walls and painted almost 60,000 square metres of surfaces. More than 185,000 square metres of walls and partitions have been built, more than 30,000 square metres of windows and stained-glass windows have been installed.

Carpets, railings, rubber floors are being arranged, the gym of the educational centre and the concert halls are being finished. Preparations are underway for commissioning work in the pool area.


When warm weather set, an active phase of landscaping began – specialists sowed the future "green zones" of the cluster with high-quality lawn, being ready to plant trees and shrubs.

In August 2022, commissioning of the first-stage objects will begin.

As for the site on the Eagle's Nest Hill, the process of erecting vertical monolithic structures continues here. Since the beginning of construction, builders have used almost 700 tons of rebars and poured more than 10 thousand cubic metres of concrete – almost a third of them in the last month alone.


At the same time, Stroytransgaz-Vostok employees have almost built and strengthened the walls of the pit – more than 250 thousand cubic metres of soil have been excavated, 1004 bored-secant piles have already been installed along the perimeter of the future building of the Culture and Education Complex.

Stroytransgaz-Vostok experts also carry out important work on the implementation of the production system – last week they presented their colleagues from the contractor LLC KitayStroy with a schedule for optimizing production processes. Having carefully studied it, the builders named the processes, the optimization of which will lead to an increase in the rate of construction of the facility.


In particular, it was decided to coordinate material procurement with all parties in advance and make this process fully digital. In addition, builders will start installation of engineering networks and finishing not upon completion of roofing, but immediately after two ceilings are made over the site – existing experience ensures that this is enough to protect the area from rain and snow. Improvement work will also begin ahead of schedule – it was decided to start it next spring.