Assistant to Russian President Visited the Complex Under Construction in Kemerovo

Assistant to Russian President Visited the Complex Under Construction in Kemerovo

Objects of the Siberian Culture and Education Complex in Kemerovo were visited by the Assistant to the President of Russia, Igor Evgenyevich Levitin, the Governor of Kuzbass, Sergey Evgenyevich Tsivilev, the Mayor of Kemerovo, Ilya Vladimirovich Seredyuk, and the General Director of Stroytransgaz, Vladimir Alexandrovich Lavlentsev.

The guests examined the last-year commissioned objects of the Education Complex of the Culture Cluster – the Branch of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography with a boarding school, and the Siberian branch of the Central Music School – of the Academy of Performing Arts with a boarding school and a secondary school with two swimming pools. They also visited the construction site of the Higher School of Music and Dramatic Arts (a branch of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts in Kemerovo), as well as a Museum Depository and a Museum and Theatre Complex. During the tour around the culture cluster, the Assistant to the President was shown the rooms where young Kuzbass students are already studying. Igor Levitin was introduced to teachers and students of the Choreographic Academy and the Special School for Music. He was shown the modern equipment of the educational institutions of the cluster.


“Kemerovo is one of four Russian cities where cultural clusters are being built. This task was set by the Russian President, Vladimir Putin. This is a unique facility that will train not only children from Kuzbass, but those from other regions of the country. All work on the site is being carried out at a rapid pace. At the same time, great attention is paid to quality. Children should study in comfortable and safe conditions,” said the Governor, Sergei Evgenyevich Tsivilev.

The main work in the branch of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts in Kemerovo has already been completed. Today, facade cassettes are being installed, interior finishing is underway. Builders mount prefabricated walls and have already started finishing. Installation of internal utility networks and systems continues. Territory improvement is being prepared: base for the road surface is being planned and prepared, curbs are being installed.


To recap, admission of students to the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts has already been announced. This year, it is planned to admit 90 students. The university will train specialists of all major theatrical professions: actors, directors, production designers, producers. The construction of an apartment building for teachers, as well as a student dormitory, has almost been completed.

The museum depository building is 84% ​​ready: internal engineering networks are being installed, rough finishing work has been completed, rooms have been prepared for final finishing. Facade cassettes and decorative lamellas are being installed, fence along the perimeter of the territory is being built.

A large-scale Museum and Theatre Complex is under construction. It includes a branch of the State Russian Museum, the Kuzbass Centre for the Arts, and a branch of the Mariinsky Theatre. They will be united by a common space – an atrium. The overall readiness is 17%.