The Most Anticipated Project of the Siberian Museum, Theatrical and Educational Complex of This Year

The Most Anticipated Project of the Siberian Museum, Theatrical and Educational Complex of This Year

As part of the construction of large-scale cultural and educational centers in four Russian cities, Stroytransgaz is in constant interaction with the future residents of the buildings, trying to jointly find the best functional solutions. Heads of cultural organizations are frequent guests at construction sites, they personally control construction of branches of the country’s largest cultural institutions.

Thus, Natalya Vladimirovna Pakhomova, Rector of Russian State Institute of Performing Arts (RGISI) and Igor Vladimirovich Evgrafov, COO of the Institute’s Educational Theatre had a working visit to the construction site in Kemerovo.

The general construction readiness of the campus of Siberian Higher School of Music and Dramatic Arts (Kemerovo branch of RGISI) is 84%. Perhaps, this is the most anticipated project of the complex this year – enrolment in the branch has already been completed, 90 students from 22 regions throughout the country have been enrolled for the first year. The Institute will train specialists of all major theatrical professions: performing artists, directors, production designers, producers. The dormitory is 99% ready.


The guests have assessed the progress of work, examined the future hall and stage of the educational theatre, where the cutting-edge construction technologies were used, and appreciated the huge extent of light, air, and space for creativity and classes provided for the students. Panoramic windows in the library, dining room, and classrooms offer views of the amphitheatre and playgrounds located around the campus. During the construction, it was possible to preserve the pine trees growing near the Institute; further landscaping works will provide for more planting and green spaces.

Natalya Vladimirovna emphasized the importance of maintaining a single compositional idea of ​​the Head Institute – Russian State Institute of Performing Arts (St. Petersburg) and its branches: students should have space for creativity, including a sound library, opportunities for sports, private space, work in groups. This idea is fully embodied in the interiors of the Kemerovo branch.  

The leaders have also visited the dormitory, examined residential and household rooms, classrooms, as well as a medical unit. Almost everything is ready for the students: furniture has been arranged, curtains and tulle have appeared on the windows, household appliances have been installed in the kitchen.

Landscaping of the territory beside the hostel is nearing completion: a playground has been installed, asphalt has been laid, a modern sports ground has been arranged with fields for playing football, volleyball and basketball, as well as a high jump area and a jogging track.


For reference:

As part of the construction of the Siberian cultural complex by JSC Stroytransgaz-Siberia, the following venues will be built in Kemerovo: Opera and Ballet Theater (a branch of the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre); Museum & Exhibition Center (a branch of the Russian Museum); Kuzbass Center of Arts with a Cinema and Concert Complex (designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au, Austria); Siberian Campus and Dormitory of Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, including the Creative Industries School; Museum depository with a restoration center; 2 buildings to accommodate educators and performing artists.

Already built and commissioned are: A branch of Moscow State Academy of Choreography with a boarding school; Siberian Branch of Central Music School – Academy of Performing Arts with a boarding school and a comprehensive school with 2 swimming pools.