Overview video of cultural and educational complex construction in Vladivostok (August 2022)

Overview video of cultural and educational complex construction in Vladivostok (August 2022)

The builders of the cultural and educational complex in Vladivostok have reached the final straight – the workers are rapidly completing finishing at Phase 1 facilities, delivering and installing furniture, carrying out commissioning works, landscaping the surrounding area. Almost everything is ready for the commissioning of the educational center and the academic building of Choreographic Academy. Work is also in full swing at facilities subject to later deadlines – buildings on Russky Island are gradually taking on their final form, specialists have commenced the foundation laying for the last of the three segments of the complex on Eagle’s Nest Hill.

Last week Vladimir Aleksandrovich Lavlentsev, General Director of JSC Stroytransgaz, visited the construction site of the cultural and educational complex on Russky Island. The head inspected the territory of the cluster under construction, assessed the degree of the facilities readiness and listened to the report of Igor Vladimirovich Volkunovich, General Director of Stroytransgaz-Vostok, on the measures taken to put the facilities into operation within the shortest timeline.


Facade Works on Russky Island Are Almost 100% Completed

Vladimir Aleksandrovich appreciated the work of the builders, urged them to do their best in the last days of the summer and to complete the main work at Phase 1 facilities by early September.

The educational center and choreographic academy buildings are most of all ready for the long anticipated commissioning day – literally a few days remained prior to finishing work completion. Furniture delivery and installation are in progress, commissioning works are in full swing. 


Vladimir Aleksandrovich Lavlentsev, General Director of JSC Stroytransgaz Appreciated the Work of the Builders

The work in the music school building, boarding schools for students and apartment buildings for teachers is not less active – the external finishing is almost 100% completed, the interior works are also performed by the specialists in line with the established schedule.

In total, by mid-August, STG-Vostok workers had plastered about 80,000 square meters of walls and painted almost 60,000 square meters of surfaces at Russky Island construction site. More than 185,000 square meters of walls and partitions have been built, more than 30,000 square meters of windows and stained-glass windows have been installed. The total length of utility networks exceeded 730 kilometers.


Improvement and landscaping of the cultural and educational complex territory is in progress as well – the builders are putting in order the remained areas of the future cluster, which are not covered by greenery. This work should be completed within a week and a half. 


The premises in the educational center and Choreographic Academy buildings are almost ready for commissioning

At the company’s second construction site in Vladivostok, on Eagle’s Nest Hill, specialists have commenced laying the foundation for the cluster theatrical segment. The soil excavation of in the area of the concert hall’s future orchestra pit is nearing completion. In parallel, work continues on the construction of vertical monolithic structures of the museum and educational segments: reinforcement, formwork and concreting. Installation of secant piles along the complex perimeter has been completed, almost 280 thousand cubic meters of soil have been excavated, over 15 thousand cubic meters of concrete have been used. Preparatory works for utilities installation are underway.