Comfortable Conditions and Life Without Restrictions

Comfortable Conditions and Life Without Restrictions

The readiness of service-provided accommodation for artists and employees of the cultural complex in Kaliningrad is rapidly approaching 100%. At the moment, the landscaping of the adjacent territory is in full swing. The task of the builders is to create a comfortable and accessible environment for all categories of the population: adults, children, parents with strollers, and people with disabilities.


Ramp for people with limited mobility in the territory of multi-apartment residential buildings in Kaliningrad 

Since the residential complex is built on a small hill, for the convenience of a low-mobility group of the population, a special ramp is provided, which levels out the difference in heights. The territory of the yard is well-thought out and designed to ensure comfort for all categories of citizens. Pedestrian areas are paved with non-slip tiles, and a lowered curb stone and tactile indicators for the visually impaired have been installed. Each entrance is equipped with a ramp with handrails, some are equipped with additional electric lifts, inside the buildings there are large lifts that can carry wheelchairs.


Entrance group of Building No. 1 with a ramp 

“The fact that all buildings should be accessible to public at large was taken into consideration already at the planning stage of the Kaliningrad Cultural and Educational Complex project. People with disabilities can also learn, teach and live in comfortable conditions in the complex. The service-provided accommodation has barrier-free environment. One of the examples are impact-resistant doors with contrasting markings, wide openings in entrance areas, relief tiles on the floor, mnemonic diagrams and Braille signs,” Dmitry Rzhannikov, General Director of STG-Vostok LLC noted.

Playgrounds have been installed for the younger generation. They are divided by age: from 3 to 6 years, and from 6 to 14. The playing areas are covered with crumb rubber to mitigate falls. For adult residents, the area accommodates a sports ground with fitness equipment, bike racks and a recreation area.


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In parallel with the landscaping, lawns, flower beds and hedges, shrubs and trees are being planted. The green spaces will be diverse: birch, Serbian spruce, horse chestnut, maple, mountain pine, lilac, mountain ash, shadbush. The hedge is made of shrubs of purple-leaved barberry, brilliant cotoneaster, and ash leaf spirea.

And a few words about the architectural look of buildings. The house design continues and complements the nearby educational part of the cluster. The nine-storey buildings are made in a minimalist style, with an emphasis on a combination of geometric shapes, the rhythm of window openings and expressiveness of the natural texture of clinker bricks.

Individuality and a contemporary look are given by metal enclosures in form of flower beds, made of polished stainless steel and installed with a certain rhythm in the window sills of the facade.

Let us recall that apartment buildings for masters and artists of the Culture Complex are built under the "come and live" principle. Service housing is provided with all necessary furniture and household appliances. There are 387 apartments comprised of 1-, 2- and 3-room premises

The apartments are intended for employees of the branches of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, the Moscow State Academy of Choreography, the Central Music School, the Bolshoi Theatre and the Tretyakov Gallery. Every detail has been discussed with future dwellers: colour, texture, functionality, interior solutions, and so on.