Professional Equipment is Installed in the Concert Hall of the Vladivostok Branch of the Moscow State Choreography Academy

Professional Equipment is Installed in the Concert Hall of the Vladivostok Branch of the Moscow State Choreography Academy

Builders of the cultural and educational complex on Russky Island have completed installation of equipment for choreography classrooms and a concert hall of a branch of the Moscow State Choreography Academy. The rooms are equipped with the latest lighting and audio systems, and advanced mechanical equipment allows the scene to be freely and comfortably configured to accommodate a wide range of events.

Indeed, 98 fixtures of five different types, capable of providing both flood and accent lighting, and a special float provides frontal lower light, ensure illumination in the concert hall of the Moscow State Choreography Academy. The fixtures are located both in the auditorium and on the stage itself, and the potential for light adjustment is limited only by the imagination of future users. Additional visual effects will be achieved thanks to two professional hazers and installation laser projector capable of forming 3D-figures.

 Audio equipment is similarly high-tech - the main acoustic suspension systems ensure uniform sound distribution throughout the auditorium to guarantee the participation effect. There are additional acoustic systems of the stalls, which provide a good hearing in the front rows. And acoustic systems and special monitors, located in the stage space, will allow artists to hear themselves well. Modern wall panels installed according to acoustic calculations also contribute to proper sound propagation.


Concert Hall of the Vladivostok branch of the Moscow State Choreography Academy.

A large electrically driven screen is placed above the stage; if necessary, it can be moved near or away from the auditorium, to serve as a background during performances, or as a "canvas" for showing movies. 
Flexible adjustment of the concert hall hardware is provided by modern mechanical equipment and a stage mechanics control system made in Russia. Due to the electrifying of all mechanisms, they can be operated without any difficulty by one person without leaving the control panel. Everything is provided for a quick change of scenery and a variable configuration of all systems.

In addition to the concert hall, all choreography classrooms, large, small, and rehearsal ones, are already fully equipped. There are special cameras that record students' movements for further review with teachers, compact active speaker systems with built-in mixers and remote connectivity, interactive 75-inch QLED touchscreen panels, as well as mobile sound systems for teachers.


The lighting is provided by 98 fixtures of five different types

As a reminder, Stroytransgaz-Vostok is building a cultural and educational complex in Vladivostok. Construction is being carried out at two sites – the Eagle’s Nest Hill and the Russky Island. In addition to the capital of the Primorsky Territory, Stroytransgaz Group is building cultural and educational complexes in three more Russian cities. They are built on behalf of the National Cultural Heritage Foundation for Social and Cultural Projects as instructed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The projects are adapted to domestic conditions and standards by a design organization – GORKA Group.