The Branch of the Mariinsky Theater in Kemerovo Will Have an Open Terrace

The Branch of the Mariinsky Theater in Kemerovo Will Have an Open Terrace

Work has commenced on preparing the foundations for the future open-air terrace of the Mariinsky Theater. The works are conducted from the side of the Iskitimka river embankment.

Over 420 cubic meters of concrete were poured on an area of 560 square meters. Next, it will be equipped with a roofing pie (insulation, waterproofing, and roofing) to arrange the steps and viewing platforms. The outdoor walking area will pass under the floating cantilever of the future Mariinsky Theater branch.

The floor slab has a complex relief and is located on three floors, from the second to the fourth. Pouring will take place in several stages.
- Since the slab has a slope, the concrete grout used for pouring is thicker than for conventional slabs, said Yevgeny Yeremeev, a construction manager at the construction and erection department of STG Siberia.  

It should be reminded that the branch of the Mariinsky Theater in Kemerovo has two halls - for 950 and 300 seats.
The total height of the museum and theater complex will be 65 meters, and it will be the tallest building in Kuzbass. A restaurant will be located on the top floor, with a beautiful view of the city.

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As part of the Siberian Cultural Complex construction project by Stroytransgaz-Siberia JSC, the following venues will be built in Kemerovo: Opera and Ballet Theatre (a branch of the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre), Museum and Exhibition Centre (a branch of the Russian Museum), Kuzbass Art Centre with Cinema and Concert Complex (designed by the Austrian bureau Coop Himmelb(l)au), Siberian Campus of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts with the Creative Industries School and a dormitory, Museum depository with a restoration centre, and 2 buildings to accommodate educators and performing artists.

Already built and commissioned are: A branch of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography with a boarding school; the Siberian Branch of the Central Music School – Academy of Performing Arts with a boarding school and a comprehensive school with 2 swimming pools.