Final Finishing of Residential Building for Teachers Completed

Final Finishing of Residential Building for Teachers Completed

Final finishing of a residential building for teachers of the Siberian Cultural and Educational Complex has been completed. Very soon, the apartments will be occupied by employees of the Siberian Branch of the Central Music School-Academy of Performing Arts (CMS), as well as the branches of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography (MSAC) and the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts in Kemerovo (RSIPA). 

A 17-storey residential building with 159 apartments is located within walking distance from all educational institutions of the complex. Work on final finishing of ceilings, walls, and floors covered a total of about 50 thousand square metres. The overall construction completion is 99%. At present, furniture has been delivered to the floors and is being assembled. The work is scheduled to be completed at the end of October 2022. 

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The rooms are furnished according to the “move in and live” principle: for new settlers, not only all the furniture is prepared, but also household appliances are installed, curtains are hung on the windows.

Most of the teachers have already arrived at Kuzbass. The educational buildings and boarding schools of MSAC and CMS, as well as a comprehensive school were commissioned in November 2021, the construction completion of the RSIPA educational building is 88%. A dormitory for students of the institute, capable of accommodating 240 people, is completely ready for settlement.

A museum and theatre complex is under active construction, which will employ graduates of the educational cluster: Opera and Ballet Theatre (a branch of the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre), Museum and Exhibition Centre (a branch of the Russian Museum), Kuzbass Centre of Arts with Cinema and Concert Complex. The overall construction completion of the complex is 23%.

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The social significance of the facilities for Kuzbass is profound. Constructing the museum and educational complex makes Kemerovo one of the cultural capitals of Siberia, enhances the tourist attractiveness of the region, incorporates the region in federal cultural concert and exhibition projects, creates opportunities for professional self-fulfilment of young specialists and talented youth of the region, raises the level of culture and quality of life of Kuzbass residents.