Overview video of cultural and educational complex construction in Vladivostok (October 2022)

Overview video of cultural and educational complex construction in Vladivostok (October 2022)

Cultural and Educational Complex on Russky Island

Construction of the cultural and educational complex on Russky Island is nearing completion – the boarding school for students of the Central Music School was the first of the cluster facilities to receive a Statement of Conformity (SoC) from the state construction supervision authority; in the final phase, the goal is to obtain such documents for the educational centre buildings and the academic building of the Choreographic Academy branch. Activities within other STG-Vostok projects are proceeding at full speed as well – the bulk of work on the Russky Island is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2023.

Obtaining of SoC is a key phase prior to handing over any construction project. Inspectors of the State Construction Supervision and Inspection Service (Gosstroynadzor) check performance of all utility networks and engineering communications, compliance of the building with the requirements of urban fire safety legislation, sanitary, technical and other standards. After receiving the Statement of Conformity, the facility commissioning becomes only a matter of time.


Building of the MSCA Branch

According to Igor Volkunovich, General Director of Stroytransgaz-Vostok LLC, the process of obtaining an SoC for the boarding school of the Central Music School proceeded entirely according to plan and was completed on the first try, as Gosstroynadzor had no complaints addressed to the developer.

“We were confident in the quality of our work, and the process of obtaining the SoC proceeded as planned, without any surprises. Now, our next goal is to obtain a commissioning permit, and we expect to complete this work in the near future. At the same time, we are preparing to obtain SoCs for other facilities of the cluster on Russky Island, primarily, these are the buildings of the branch of the Choreographic Academy and the Educational Centre,” Igor Volkunovich noted.

Even a cursory look at the cultural and educational complex facilities on the Russky Island suggests that the day of their commissioning is very close. External finishing and landscaping are almost 100% completed, and in some buildings the interior finishing has been completed as well. Furniture delivery and installation are in progress, and pre-commissioning works are in full swing. It is assumed that by the beginning of 2023 the bulk of the construction work on the site will be completed.

Activities at the second site of STG-Vostok– Orlinoye Gnezdo Hill – keep the pace as well. Soil excavation, pit deepening and shoring have been completed here; pouring of the last foundation slabs is nearing completion. Work continues on the construction of vertical monolithic structures of the museum and educational segments: reinforcement, formwork and concreting.

In total, over 306 thousand cubic meters of soil have been excavated at this site, and more than 21 thousand cubic meters of concrete and 3,500 tons of reinforcement were used. Preparatory works for utilities installation are underway.


Museum and Theatre Complex on the Orlinoye Gnezdo Hill.

For reference:

Stroytransgaz-Vostok, at the commission of the National Cultural Heritage Foundation for Social and Cultural Projects, as mandated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, is building a cultural and educational complex in Vladivostok. The construction is underway at two sites.

Preparatory works for the commissioning of facilities of Russia’s largest campus of cultural and educational institutions at Russky Island are underway: branches of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography and the Central Music School, the Educational Centre with a canteen and a swimming pool, boarding schools for students, a dormitory for RSIPA students, as well as three apartment buildings for teachers and artists will be located there.

The second site of the cultural and educational cluster is located on the Eagle’s Nest Hill, the highest point in the historical part of Vladivostok. This large-scale complex will accommodate branches of the State Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of Oriental Arts, Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, School of Creative Industries, and the Mariinsky Theatre’s stage.

Over 1500 personnel and 44 pieces of equipment are engaged at the two sites of Stroytransgaz-Vostok: cranes, loaders, excavators, dump trucks, tractors, rollers, and so on. Most of them are located at the construction site on Russky Island where the construction of cultural and educational facilities is gradually coming to an end.

In addition to the capital of the Primorsky Krai, the Stroytransgaz Group is building cultural and educational complexes in three more Russian cities. The projects are adapted to domestic conditions and standards by the design organisation GORKA Group.