Culture as Growth Area

Fragment of the meeting between Kuzbass Governor Sergey Tsivilev and President of the National Cultural Heritage Foundation Mikhail Balabanov

Kuzbass Governor Sergey Tsivilev held a work meeting with Mikhail Balabanov, the President of the National Cultural Heritage Foundation. The main topic of discussion was the construction of the Siberian Cultural and Educational Complex in Kemerovo. The Foundation acts as the customer for the construction project.

‘We are not just building these Museum & Theatre and Cultural Education complexes, we are integrating them into the city’s general architectural design. To do this, we carry out a large-scale refurbishment and improvement of the adjacent territories – houses, courtyards, facilities. In addition, all the new facilities are connected by pedestrian routes and bicycle paths, thus becoming a part of the city's infrastructure. We approached the design process very seriously, and, in order to accomplish the task set by President Vladimir Putin, we will make every effort to build the facilities and complete the project on time,’ Sergei Tsivilev emphasized during the conversation.

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Museum Depository Building

He noted that some of the Cultural and Educational Complex facilities had already been built or were nearing completion. For instance, the RGISI (Russian State Institute of Performing Arts) branch dormitory is ready to accommodate students. Outfitting of the apartment block for teachers of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography and the Higher School of Music and Dramatic Arts branches with furniture and appliances is almost completed. Construction work in the museum depository has been completed.

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Academic Building of the Siberian Branch of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts

Finishing works, installation of internal utility systems and process equipment are in full swing in the RGISI academic building. Construction of the facilities of the museum and theatre part of the complex is in progress as walls, ceilings and load-bearing steel elements are being erected.

‘Our goal is to complete all work on schedule, apply the full range of available measures, optimize the project with due account for the current conditions without sacrificing the quality of materials or technical facilities,’ Mikhail Balabanov said.

In addition, it was noted that the decision of the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin to include Kemerovo in the program of the Cultural Centres construction, announced in the Address to the Federal Assembly in 2018, and later elaborated in the Decree “On the National Goals and Strategic Objectives of the Development of the Russian Federation up to 2024”, had given momentum to the Kuzbass cultural segment development. Leading specialists come from the capital to work in the region. More and more performances are staged by maestros from St. Petersburg, and leading Russian theatres come here on their tours.

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Apartment Building for Teachers of the Educational Complex 

Creation of up-to-date conditions for professional training of talented youth stimulates the development of Siberia in general. Students from 13 regions of Russia, from China and Kyrgyzstan are already studying at the RGISI branch as part of their practical theatre training.


National Cultural Heritage Foundation for Social and Cultural Projects (founders: Mariinsky Theatre, State Hermitage Museum, Tretyakov Gallery, Bolshoi Theatre) is the developer of modern cultural centres in four cities of Russia: Vladivostok, Kemerovo, Sevastopol and Kaliningrad.

Creation of a network of cultural and educational complexes is a unique national educational project implementing the idea of the Russian cultural space expansion and increasing exposure to the national cultural treasures.

Facilities construction in Kemerovo started in 2019. As part of the Siberian Cultural Complex construction project by Stroytransgaz-Siberia JSC, the following venues will be built in Kemerovo: Opera and Ballet Theatre (a branch of the State Academic Mariinsky Theatre); branch of the Russian Museum; Kuzbass Centre of Arts with multipurpose and concert halls (designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au, Austria); Siberian Campus of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts with the Creative Industries School; Museum depository with a restoration centre; two buildings to accommodate educators and performing artists.

Already built and commissioned: Branch of the Moscow State Academy of Choreography with a boarding school; Siberian branch of the Central Music School – Academy of Performing Arts with a dormitory; Regular school with two swimming pools; Campus of the Siberian branch of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts with a stadium.