185 Trips per Day at Construction Site

Concrete mixer truck at the western construction site of MTEC in Kaliningrad

At the western construction site of the Cultural and Educational Complex in Kaliningrad, the buildings of the Tretyakov Gallery, the Bolshoi Theatre and the Baltic Higher School of Music and Dramatic Arts branches are being erected. Their construction requires 103.5 thousand cubic meters of concrete. It will take over 6.5 thousand tons of steel elements to built the Opera and Ballet Theatre. This huge amount of materials must be delivered to the sites on schedules, so the heavy trucks make over 180 trips every day.

The primary materials that are currently required for the construction of buildings of the cultural and educational complex include steel elements, finishing materials, and concrete. To deliver the supplies on time, trucks enter the construction site 185 times a day (on average). These are truck mixers of concrete plants, and trucks of cargo carriers and transport companies. In October, the most active week fell at the end of the month – about 195 trucks were entering the construction site every day. In November, the rates dropped to an average of 182 trucks per day.

With such a heavy traffic, much attention is paid to keeping the construction site clean. During the day, a cleaning machine repeatedly passes between all building locations. The truck exit point is equipped with a wheel washing station with a closed water disposal cycle to prevent dirt and soil from entering the city streets. Dmitry Rzhannikov, General Director of OOO STG-Zapad states: ‘Prodigious amounts of materials are brought to the construction site. We strive for a high level of industrial culture by manifesting our dedication to good condition and cleanliness both at the construction site and in the surrounding area. I am sure that maintaining order in everything affects both the quality of work performed and the performance of all employees.’

It is worth reminding that one of the four cultural and educational complexes is being built on Oktyabrsky Island. The need to create four new cultural centres (in Vladivostok, Kemerovo, Kaliningrad and South Russia) was expressed by the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin in his Address to the Federal Assembly in 2018, and elaborated in the Decree on National Goals and Strategic Objectives of Development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024. The created clusters will allow for development of a contemporary cultural space throughout the country.