Seven Tower Cranes at Construction Site in Kaliningrad

Seven Tower Cranes at Construction Site in Kaliningrad

Tower cranes at the construction site of Opera and Ballet Theatre in Kaliningrad

The seventh tower crane emerged on the western site of Oktyabrsky Island in Kaliningrad. Construction capacity was increased at the Opera and Ballet Theatre site.

The Bolshoi Theatre Branch building has the most sophisticated design and multiple architectural features. The entire structure translates the shape of one of the ballet pas called the “coup-de-pied”, so-called triangle — the bent leg position. Grace and levity of this movement will be captured in the building design via unique cantilever with no support point and 80 m outreach. Additional tower crane was required for its erection and steelwork hoisting. Another distinctive feature of its development is that it will be built not from the bottom upwards, as in the traditional “floor-by-floor” approach, but on the contrary, from the top downwards.

Dmitry Rzhannikov, General Director of OOO STG-Zapad states: We have tight construction schedule. The works are carried out simultaneously across multiple sections. At this stage, we are increasing our capacity by adding an extra tower crane capable to lift up to 6 tons to 33 m. Within 10 working hours per shift, this crane will be able to lift 160 loads on average. This will allow us to erect Opera and Ballet Theatre building according to the preset timelines.”

Seven tower cranes are currently deployed for construction of Culture and Education Complex in Kaliningrad. One crane — at the Tretyakov Gallery Branch construction site, two — at the Baltic Higher School of Music and Dramatic Arts site, and four — at the Opera and Ballet Theatre site. Each machine weighs 130 tons. Kaliningrad construction site is staffed by crane operators with years of experience in working at height.

Mikhail Kozlov, Technical Director of STG-Zapad, notes: Today, the demand for crane operators having expertise and certain qualifications is far beyond the supply. Skills in operating a large-tonnage loader and perfect compliance with safety regulations are the basics for successful work. Besides, the crane operator must have an intrinsic sense of the crane size in addition to his knowledge of crane specifications. This job requires attention and concentration. Otherwise the machine's capacities won’t be used efficiently. The stamina and stress coping skills our employees, as well as their extensive experience, allow us to work promptly and efficiently.”

For reference:
One of the four Culture and Education Complexes is being built on Oktyabrsky Island. The need to create four new cultural centres (in Vladivostok, Kemerovo, Kaliningrad and South Russia) was expressed by the Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin in his Address to the Federal Assembly in 2018, and elaborated in the Decree on National Goals and Strategic Objectives of Development of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2024. The created clusters will allow for development of a contemporary cultural space throughout the country.

Kaliningrad construction site consists of the eastern and western parts separated by the stadium built for FIFA World Cup. Development of the eastern part has already been completed. It comprises the educational part of the complex. On the western site, the buildings of the Tretyakov Gallery Branch, the Opera and Ballet Theatre (a branch of the Bolshoi Theatre), and the Higher School of Music and Dramatic Arts (a branch of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts) are under construction.