Rector of the Moscow State Choreography Academy assessed readiness of the Primorsky branch for commissioning

Rector of the Moscow State Choreography Academy assessed readiness of the Primorsky branch for commissioning

The MSCA delegation headed by Marina Leonova, the Rector, visited the cultural and educational complex in Vladivostok

During celebration of the 250th anniversary of the Moscow State Choreography Academy the Rector of the educational institution, Marina Leonova, arrived in Vladivostok on a visit. The legendary ballerina and principal performer of the Bolshoi Theatre visited the construction site of the cultural and educational complex on Russky Island, where the MSCA branch is located in Primorsky Krai.


The bulk of the construction work in the buildings intended for the students of the Choreography Academy has already been completed – the commissioning permit has been obtained and the specialists of Stroytransgaz-Vostok are preparing the facilities for handover to the users.

During the visit, Marina Leonova toured the academic building and boarding school of the branch of Moscow State Choreography Academy, as well as the Educational Centre with the canteen and the swimming pool, where students of the Academy will learn comprehensive discipline.

The three-storey building of the Choreography Academy is intended to host 250 children. The heart of the building and its main “carte-de-visite” is the educational theatre, without doubt. The full-scale stage of 280 square meters is equipped with advanced lighting and sound equipment, which also has a high potential for customization due to the modern system of remote control and setup of mechanisms.

There are 6 large and 12 small ballet rooms, classrooms for musical-theoretical disciplines, make-up classes, individual music lessons, personal rehearsals. The total area of the spaces for choreography classes is 3,330 square meters. There are separate locker rooms and showers for each group of students.

The academy’s boarding house, designed to accommodate all 250 children, is connected to the academic building by a covered air passageway that allows students to get from their rooms to their place of study without the need to go outside. In addition to spacious living blocks, including those designed to accommodate people with low mobility, each floor of the boarding school has recreation and self-development rooms, laundry rooms, and food cooking areas. There is a separate medical block on the 1st floor.

“The facilities of the Choreography Academy are almost ready to be handed over to the users – the process has already begun. The rooms of the academic building and the boarding school are very spacious and comfortable, furnished with the latest technology, and the concert hall in terms of “internals” is not inferior to the best venues in the region. As early as September 1 this year, students of the Primorsky branch of the Moscow State Choreography Academy will be able to evaluate the results of our work. I’m sure they’ll be pleased,” Igor Volkunovich, General Director of Stroytransgaz-Vostok, noted.


Concert Hall of the Vladivostok Branch of the Moscow State Choreography Academy



Grand Ballet Hall

The MSCA delegation will stay in Primorsky Krai until the end of the week. The key event in celebration of the academy’s 250th anniversary will be a concert that will take place on the Primorsky Stage of the Mariinsky Theatre in Vladivostok. The students of the Vladivostok branch of the Moscow State Choreography Academy will take part in the concert programme – they will perform “Grand Tarantella” choreographed by Elena Lyrchikova, the branch teacher.

“In the concert we will show masterpieces of classical ballet, recognized throughout the world, which can be performed only by those students who are impeccant in their skills. We will also hold Creative group trainings. Our wonderful teachers have come here, we will have master classes with local teachers and children,” added Marina Leonova, Rector of the Moscow State Choreography Academy.

For reference:

Stroytransgaz-Vostok, at the commission of the National Cultural Heritage Foundation for Social and Cultural Projects, as mandated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, is building a cultural and educational complex in Vladivostok. The construction is underway at two sites.

Preparatory works to hand over the facilities of Russia’s largest campus of culture and education institutions at Russky Island to users are underway: Branches of the Moscow State Choreography Academy and the Central School of Music, the Educational Centre with the canteen and the swimming pool, boarding schools for students, the dormitory for RSIPA students, as well as three apartment buildings for teachers and performing artists will be located there.

The second site of the culture and education cluster is located on the Eagles’s Nest Hill, the highest point in the historical part of Vladivostok. This large-scale complex will accommodate Branches of the State Hermitage, the Tretyakov Gallery, the Museum of Oriental Arts, Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, School of Creative Industries, and the Mariinsky Theatre’s stage.

In addition to the capital of the Primorsky Krai, Stroytransgaz Group is building cultural and educational complexes in three more Russian cities. The projects are adapted to domestic conditions and standards by the design organisation GORKA Group.