Journalists and bloggers visited facilities of the Siberian Cultural Complex

Journalists and bloggers visited facilities of the Siberian Cultural Complex

Timofey Balagaev, Head of Production Preparation and Control over Construction and Installation Work at STG-Sibir JSC, gives an interview.

Another press tour was held to the commissioned facilities of the Siberian cultural and educational complex. Journalists toured the depository for the Museums of Fine Arts of the Kemerovo region with restoration workshops and unique equipment and the apartment building for the staff of the educational complex. Specialists of STG-Sibir JSC told about the peculiarities of the erected facilities.

Journalists and bloggers were able to assess the unique for Siberia depository, where about 7,000 valuable exhibits will be stored on an area of more than 3,000 sq. m. It also has restoration workshops. In addition, the participants of the press tour visited the new apartment building, which will soon be occupied by teachers and employees of branches of leading educational institutions in the country: the Moscow State Choreography Academy, the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts, and the Siberian Branch of the Central School of Music – Academy of Performing Arts, all of which are part of the educational complex.

“All facilities of the Siberian Cultural and Educational Complex, which we are building in Kemerovo, are completed and equipped at the most modern level. The new museum depository will not only provide ideal conditions for storing exhibits, but also for restoration of ancient unique works of art. For the first time Kuzbass has its own workshop with the most modern restoration equipment,” noted Sergey Tsivilev, the Governor of Kuzbass.


Marina Chertogova, the Director of the Kemerovo Museum of Fine Arts, tells about storage options for paintings 

For the depository special stationary and portable equipment has been purchased, which determines and regulates humidity, temperature, acidity, and lighting, including ultraviolet light in the premises.

The many premises of the museum depository include a fully equipped photographic studio, because all the stages of restoration must be documented. Photographers and videographers are especially interested in equipment of this room.

In the depository building there are safe rooms for precious metal and stone exhibits, as well as telescopic stands that allow for storage of pictorial canvases. The first floor will house sculptures and large exhibits. For preservation of art objects, numerous shelving units and special cabinets have been purchased to store large-sized birch bark baskets and sculptures, bone and porcelain compositions, and even carpets, scarves, and bedspreads. The size of the new building will allow the museums to greatly expand their collections.


Press conference before the tour around the apartment building for teachers


Kitchen in a service apartment

Within easy reach from the museum depository in the territory of the Siberian cultural and educational complex there is a building for 159 apartments for the teachers of the branches of the leading educational institutions of the Russian Federation. Everything is ready to move in: All the necessary furniture and houshold appliances are installed. The fastest elevator in Kemerovo, excellent sound insulation in the apartments have been installed here.


From the 16th floor of the building one can see the most facilities of the complex


The apartments in the building are light and bright


Apartment building appearance

As a reminder, as part of the construction of the Siberian Cultural and Educational Complex in Kemerovo the following facilities have already been handed over: the branch of the Moscow State Choreography Academy with the boarding school; the Siberian Branch of the Central Music School — Academy of Performing Arts with the boarding school; a comprehensive school with two swimming pools; the Campus of the Siberian Branch of the Russian State Institute of Performing Arts with the stadium.

Construction of the remaining facilities of the complex continues.