Stroytransgaz Group of Companies Signs a New Contract in Magadan Region

Stroytransgaz Group of Companies Signs a New Contract in Magadan Region

Stroytransgaz has signed a new contract for the reconstruction of a road in the Magadan region. Two sections to be reconstructed are located on the Kolyma Highway connecting Yakutsk and Magadan, and their total length will be 11.8 km. The customer is the Federal State Institution Interregional Directorate for Road Construction in the Far East Region of Russia of the Federal Road Agency.

The roadway to be reconstructed has a cement-concrete pavement, which at the moment does not comply with the standards. There were cracks, rutting, potholes, and edge deterioration on the pavement at the junction with the shoulders. In this regard, it was decided to reconstruct two road sections located in the Khasynsky district of the Magadan region.

As part of the reconstruction, the main route of the road will be covered with two-layer asphalt concrete pavement, the shoulders will be reinforced, and the road markings will be made with cold reflective plastic. Road signs, metal barrier railings, and signal poles will be set up to ensure road safety.

There are 9 culverts on the reconstructed section of the route, which will be repaired and replaced. Upon reconstruction, the road will have 2 traffic lanes, the carriageway width will be 7.5 m, and the shoulder width will be 3.75 m. The traffic speed on the road will be 90 km/h.

The construction of roads in the Magadan region has its own specifics. The climatic conditions of the region are characterized by sharp continentality and severity. The territory of the repair site is located in the permafrost zone. The height of the snow cover from October to April can reach an average of 40–50 cm. The facility also belongs to the zone of 8-point seismicity.

The Kolyma road between Yakutsk and Magadan has a strategic and defense significance for Russia, as it is the road core of the eastern part of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), the western and central parts of the Magadan region, and provides access to the Pacific coast.

It is planned to complete the works by the end of September of 2023.