New Contract was Concluded in Magadan Region

Section of Motor Road that will be Reconstructed

Stroytransgaz GC concluded a new contract for improvement of the Kolyma motor road section that goes from Yakutsk to Magadan. The section is located in the Khasynsky Distsrict of Magadan Region and has a length of 10 km. The customer is the Federal State Institution “Interregional Directorate for Road Construction in the Far East Region of Russia” of the Federal Road Agency (FSI DCD Far East). The works are expected to be completed before the end of 2024.

Magadan Region is located in the Far North-East of Russia. Development of reliable transportation infrastructure is required to strengthen the social and economic position of the region and to attract investments. Significant expenses to ensure northern seasonal freight delivery are a special issue for Magadan Region.

The Kolyma motor road is the only transportation artery that ensures land transportation and economic relations of the Magadan Region and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutiya). Reconstruction of the section from Kilometre 1821 to Kilometre 1831 will improve the comfort level for motor vehicle travel, traffic safety, vehicle productivity, reduce the cost of freight delivery and time losses by passengers on the road.

Yakutsk–Magadan motor road in the section from Kilometre 1821 to Kilometre 1831 does not meet the operational requirements. The road pavement is unsatisfactory, the route elements do not correspond to the geometric parameters, the existing culverts are worn out. Due to this, the main way of the route will undergo a capital repair, earth surfacing will be replaced with asphalt concrete, and asphalt concrete mixture will be used to lay two layers of total thickness of 15 cm. An asphalt concrete plant will be built in 2023 near the reconstruction section for work convenience.

Besides that, a new 50 m long reinforced concrete bridge over the Atka river will be built in the section under improvement. No traffic will be stopped during work execution. Seventeen culverts will be replaced and improved as part of the project as well.

For convenience of the regional residents, two bus stops and temporary bypass roads will be built in the section under improvement. At present, preparation of the construction area has been started: removal of road signs, barrier fencing and signal posts, as well as construction of the builders’ camp.

Upon completion of the works, traffic intensity in the section will be about two thousand vehicles a day. Since Magadan Region is in a high seismic activity zone, special materials will be used during construction to ensure safety and longevity of artificial facilities and the motor road.