Development of Transport Infrastructure in the Magadan Region


Russia, Magadan Region


Magadan Regional State Government Institution Administration for the Operation and Construction of Road Transportation Complex


2021-2026 гг.

In 2021, Stroytransgaz JSC signed a number of contracts for the development of transport infrastructure in the Magadan Region.

The Magadan Region has been participating in the implementation of the Safe and High-Quality Roads National Project since 2018. The project is aimed at aligning the roads with operational transportation standards and developing the road network of the largest metropolitan areas. There are no railways in the region, so cars is the main mode of freight and passenger transportation within the region. Improving the transport infrastructure ensures reliable transport links of settlements with regional and local roads.

By the end of 2023, the Yakutsk-Magadan road will be repaired in the following sections: from 1869 km to 1881 km, from 1888.3 km to 1888.059 km, from 1888.3 km to 1898 km, from 1898 km to 1900.4 km, and from 1900.6 km to 1909.640 km. And until 2024, the same road will be repaired from 1821 km to 1831 km. The total length of the repaired sections will be 43.3 km.

According to the contracts, in 2024 the Company will complete the reconstruction of a 352-meter bridge across the Ayan-Yuryakh river, construction of a bridge crossing over the Avenirych stream on Avenirych-Seimchan highway, overhaul of the bridge over the Detrin river and construction of bridge crossings over the Agan river and Nankala river on Palatka-Kulu-Neksikan highway.

Stroytransgaz will have completed the design and survey works and reconstruction of bridge crossings over the Planshet, Bukeschen, Sulukhchan rivers, reconstruction of the section from 0 km to 31 km of a car access to Talaya village, a section of the Gerba-Omsukchan road from 166 km to 241 km as part of the highway under construction from Kolyma to Chukotka and a section of Palatka-Kulu-Neksikan highway from 175 km to 185 km by September 2026.

In 2027, the Company will reconstruct the road network in Talaya village and a section of Gerba-Omsukchan highway from 241 km to 256 km and complete the overhaul of a section of Solnechny-Ola highway from 14.3 km to 20.1 km.

Due to the long cold winter and permafrost soils on the construction sites tending to settle during thawing, construction and installation works will be completed in the warm season, from May to October.

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