Start of traffic at the entrance to the Chusovsky Bridge in Perm

Start of traffic at the entrance to the Chusovsky Bridge in Perm

Stroytransgaz Group has completed the major works on the construction of an interchange from Tsimlyanskaya street, the traffic has already been launched along the new route. This interchange is one of the new access routes to the Chusovsky Bridge in the Perm Territory.

The new interchange passes over the Eastern bypass, and the traffic has been launched along the overpass above it. Currently, Stroytransgaz Group is finishing work on laying the surface course of asphalt pavement on the left-hand direction of the Eastern Bypass, after which the interchange will be fully open.

There will be three interchanges in total. Works at the intersection with Korsunskaya street are nearing completion – installation of stair approaches and road signs is in progress. Work on the new overpass on the right-hand direction at the interchange near the Palniki railway station is in progress – arrangement of overpass junctions with the approaches to the road embankment, arrangement of pavement layers at the interchange exits. It should be noted that in 2021, the left-side overpass almost 166 m long was put in operation.

Dmitry Makhonin, Governor of the Perm Territory, noted: “The opening of interchanges will significantly mitigate the problem with traffic jams not only at the exit from the Levshino microdistrict, but also in the entire left-bank part of the Ordzhonikidzevsky district. Residents and guests of the regional capital will be able to freely travel to the Eastern Bypass and the Perm-Berezniki road.”


Construction of interchanges is part of the largest project being implemented in the Perm Territory – construction of a new bridge across the Chusovaya river and approaches to it. The facility is very important for the development of the region's economy. Today it is one of the largest public-private partnership projects implemented in the Kama region. The bridge construction is to be completed by the end of 2022.