Equipping the MRI rooms and rooms for angiographic procedures


Russia, Moscow




2021-2021 гг.

In August 2021, Stroytransgaz JSC signed 3 contracts for equipping 5 MRI rooms and 3 rooms for angiographic procedures. The total contract price is RUB 823.9 million. Completion of all works at all facilities is scheduled by the end of this year.

The contract provides for an integrated approach to turnkey works, i.e. development of design documentation, overhaul of facilities for the equipment, supply of medical equipment, its adjustment and commissioning, including personnel training.

Modern MRI rooms will be equipped at the Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute named after M.F. Vladimirsky, Moscow Regional Center for Maternal and Child Healthcare in Lyubertsy, Lyubertsy Regional Hospital, Korolev Regional Hospital and the Moscow Regional Children's Clinical Traumatology and Orthopaedic Hospital.

Similar works, but related to equipping rooms with angiographic systems will be performed at Orekhovo-Zuevo Central City Hospital and Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute named after M.F. Vladimirsky, where one and two rooms will be equipped, respectively.

To provide high quality services to patients in a comfortable environment, a magnetic resonance imager, a portable metal detector, a set for placing and fixing a patient, a non-magnetic trolley, a special precision air conditioning system with temperature and humidity control for the examination and control rooms, RF-protection of the room (faraday cage, a grounded screened box), a doctor's workstation for data post-processing will be purchased.

Angiographic systems will consist of a patient table, a tripod device, an X-ray unit, a workstation, means of X-ray protection for medical personnel, instruments to monitor radiation doses in patients and special software.

MRI examination allows to obtain a detailed picture of the internal organs and tissue condition without surgery. Angiography is an X-ray examination of blood vessels. It can be used in radiography, hybrid operating rooms and for CT scanning. The method allows to study the functional condition of blood vessels, blood flow and the prevalence of the disease process.

It should be noted that it is now extremely important to pay attention to health and timely diagnosis. Modern high quality medical equipment allows to detect diseases at an early stage, to more make accurate diagnosis and prescribe effective treatment.

Stroytransgaz has extensive plans to implement projects for design, construction and equipping of healthcare facilities throughout Russia. Today the healthcare in our country is focused on combating coronavirus and aligning the quality of care with the global level. Stroytransgaz JSC contributes to the development of healthcare infrastructure and helps to improve the quality of services provided to the population.

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