Improvement of Portovoye Highway coast protection (Magadan)


Russia, Magadan Region




2021-2023 гг.

In August 2021, Stroytransgaz JSC signed the contract for the improvement of Portovoye Highway coast protection from Mayak Park to Morskoy pocket park in Magadan. The total area of the site will be 2,936 m2. It is planned to complete all works in 2025.

The purpose of the project is to improve and lanscape the embankment to create a comfortable urban space allowing for active and passive recreation for residents in any season.

A single coast protection complex will include works related to drainage from the slopes of the area, ensuring drainage from the landscaped area to the existing treatment facilities and improving the berm*.

* * A berm is a site interconnecting the bottom of the slope and the top of the excavation.

As part of the improvement, bicycle lanes connected with the existing ones in Morskоy pocket park and Mayak Park will be built. The width of the roadway will be 3.2 m. Bicycle lanes will be combined with bordered sidewalks. The walking and recreation areas will be covered with non-slip tiles, including tactile tiles in high-profile sections.

There will also be stairs, heated benches with a wind protection canopy, trash cans, outdoor exercise equipment and play equipment for children. Spaces for children will have a safety surface. To increase safety, fencing will be installed on playgrounds and staircases.

The landscaping will include group and regular planting of trees, shrubs, flower beds and lawns.

The facility will have an architectural lighting in the area, driveways and sidewalks, decorative lighting for lawns and recreation areas and light signage. All facilities will be vandal-roof, they will have increased impact resistance. In addition, CCTVs will be installed as an anti-vandal measure as part of Smart City national project.

To create a comfortable environment for disabled people and people with limited mobility in the Nagayev Bay, recreation areas will be equipped based on state standards. A lowered curb will be installed at the intersections of sidewalks and roads up to 0.04 m, the width of sidewalks is at least 1.5 m with a longitudinal slope of no more than 5%, the height of the curb along the sidewalks is at least 5 cm (in dangerous areas). There will be ramps at elevation differences and tactile bands around obstacles on sidewalks. The pockets for benches will provide space of at least 1.5 x 1.5 m for disabled people in wheelchairs. Barrier-free access to children's sports and recreation areas will be provided.

The Nagaev Bay is the most beautiful place in Magadan and the gateway to Kolyma Territory. The embankments of the bay are one of the most popular recreations destinations for residents and guests of the city. Therefore, the improvement concept was developed based on the needs and requirements of residents. The works on this section of the coastal zone of Portovoye Highway will allow to combine a number of public spaces to a single complex. It will make a more comfortable urban environment, improve the quality of recreation and provide for a positive image of the city.

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