Reconstruction of the Central Embankment in Volgograd


Russia, Volgograd oblast


Administration of Volgograd


2018-2021 гг.

JSC Stroytransgaz has signed contracts for the reconstruction of the Central Embankment named after the 62nd Army in Volgograd. Administration of Volgograd is the project owner.

A large-scale project of renovation of the lower terrace of the city’s 3.5 km long embankment will be carried out for several years. In the course of the works, the berth with an upper overpass and access road will be reconstructed, the existing coast-protecting structures with stair flights will be restored and new ones will be built, the surface of berth walls will also be restored.

STG will build an open 2,300-seat amphitheatre on the embankment, to which a pedestrian crossing across the roadway will lead. The project provides for reconstruction of the existing fountain and construction of four new fountains, as well as construction of utilities. 

A 16.5 hectares park area will be located along the embankment, where more than 10,000 ornamental trees and bushes will be planted. The main component of the park area will be a walking alley. It will be made of granite tiles. In addition, the project provides for recreation areas – a cycle lane and a skating area with special coating, a pavement network with a total length of 18 km. The lower terrace will feature a new lighting, video surveillance and sound warning system, as well as a 300-car parking lot.

Currently, STG builders have begun work on the project – an open jetty and destroyed parts of retaining walls are being dismantled for subsequent restoration. The main works will begin in 2019, the completion of the project is scheduled for December 2021.


The Central Embankment named after the 62nd Army is one of the main attractions of Volgograd and a favourite leisure area. The embankment has never been thoroughly repaired since its construction in 1952, and most of its components are worn out.

The planned reconstruction activities will allow continuing the systematic work on transformation of the territory along the embankment in Central District, which began in 2017 with the restoration of hydraulic structures and reconstruction of electrical networks. The project is being executed within the framework of a long-term development strategy of Volgograd Region, which was designated by the region’s Governor Andrey Bocharov.

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